Pastor D. Previn and First Lady Kimberly Carr have been in ministry together for over 20 years. Their commitment and dedication to the Word of God has caused lives to be changed, souls to be won to Christ, and a deeper commitment to the ministry has been seen in the lives of those who are committed to the Word of God through their ministry. God has richly blessed them both with the gift of exposing, expounding, and explaining the Word of God and Ekklesia has witnessed spiritual growth because of their dedication and commitment to the Word of God.

Pastor D. Previn Carr accepted Christ as his personal Savior at an early age. Called to preach at the age of 10, Pastor Carr has been dedicated to the cause and call of Christ for over 40 years. Pastor Carr was licensed by the Union Institutional Baptist Church in Phoenix, Arizona under the leadership of the late Reverend A.D. Reid.  Because of his faithfulness and obedience, God has used Pastor Carr in a mighty way throughout the Phoenix Metropolitan area. 

First Lady Kimberly Carr has shown herself worthy to be called Ekklesia’s First Lady. She is dedicated to the work of the ministry that God has given to her, and exhibits this commitment through teaching and preaching the Word of God with compassion, sincerity, and power. In addition to exercising her gift of teaching and preaching at Ekklesia, she is also a high school teacher, which has given her many opportunities to minister and mentor many young people and encourage all who come in contact with her to be all God has destined them to be.

In August of 1998, the Lord spoke to Pastor and First Lady Carr and placed it on their hearts to begin the Ekklesia Ministry. After much prayer and seeking from God, on December 5, 1999 the Ekklesia vision unfolded, and God allowed the doors of Ekklesia Christian Church to officially open. Pastor and Lady Carr's beliefs are exemplified through the Word of God, as well as, the foundation that God has used to establish the Ekklesia Christian Church. Prior to the call to pastor Ekklesia Christian Church, Pastor Carr served as Assistant Pastor and Director of Christian Education of the Greater Progressive Christian Church under the leadership of Rev. L. Gary Ransom. In July of 2014 God led Pastor and First Lady Carr back to Greater Progressive to assist Pastor Ransom with the work of the ministry. After 5 years of the faithfully serving and assisting Pastor Ransom, the Lord led them to reopen the doors of Ekklesia in January of 2020.


Pastor and First Lady Carr's ministry will challenge you to believe God to do the impossible, and trust God for the unimaginable. They believe that commitment and consistency are both necessary for your spiritual growth, and that every believer must be committed to the continual growth of their spiritual walk with God. Therefore, Ekklesia is built on the foundation of every member being committed to God, the Word, the Church, and the Pastor's Vision.  

Pastor and First Lady Carr are also very committed to their family and believe that family is one of God’s gifts that has to be nourished and cherished. Pastor and First Lady Carr are the proud parents of Kailah, Kyshia, Jalon, Kemani, Josiah, Jadon, and Joseph. Their commitment to family is also exhibited in their team leadership in marriage and ministry. The two of them are an example of what God can do when two people become one, and are working together toward the same goal.  

Pastor and First Lady Carr believe that God’s Word has the power to change and transform lives.  As they continue to serve the people of God, they is seeking the hand of God to be with them as they continue the work of the ministry. They strive to be the best couple, parents and pastors that God has called them to be. Their enthusiasm is contagious, and the members of Ekklesia are excited about what God is doing in their lives and in the lives of the members of Ekklesia.



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